Average is a limited edition publication & hosts a parliament of voices.
Contributors to Issue No. 1 are:

Robin Bernhard
Brian Duff
MJ Duffy
John Givens
Kevin Irby
Myryah Irby
Kavamore Press
Nathan Lynch
Paul Madonna
Andrew McElrone
Mark Menjivar
Gary Mussell
Geof Oppenheimer
Kate Pocrass
Henry Wessles

A shiny magazine without the shine, Average celebrates ordinary moments & the minutia our lives are based on, without pretension & full of honesty. Articles include:

Softpants: characteristics, occasions & litmus tests
Sheet Cake: the building block of group celebration
Law & Order: a one-week analysis of the franchise
The Wire Coat Hanger: one man's quest to have his coat remained unwrinkled
The Word Count: one thousand, one hundred & eighty words
Oblong Sandwiches: and the cities that claimed to have coined them
The Green Book: profoundly calm & unhurried
Snails: the life of a pair of clip on earrings
People: and how they like their toast among other things
Trees That Look Like Giant Vegetables
Reflections on Regression Towards the Mean
Things Your Grandmother Taught You To Steal To Survive A Depression
You Are What You Eat: a photo essay examining the interior of refrigerators in homes across Texas
Sky Chart: paintings & analysis of the sky over a three month period
On Swimming: a short story
Someone Named Joe: the first in a series of portraits
+ a crossword puzzle