Average Magazine Issue No. 1

Image of Average Magazine Issue No. 1


With so many shiny new items to own, blogs to keep up with, & new restaurants to post reviews about, what happened to savoring good old-fashioned average moments? The times of the day when you are aimlessly pushing back your cuticles, when you talk about your bunions with your friends, figuring out the average amount of time it takes you to choose what to wear in the morning, when you say “screw it” & call in a pizza for dinner. These stories & moments are fading as more & more people curate their lives into a picturesque photo op.

Average is a limited edition annual publication & hosts a parliament of voices. It's a shiny magazine without the shine, celebrating ordinary moments & the minutia our lives are based on, without pretension & full of honesty. Average intends to bring a sort of special-ness to the banal, in hopes that we can revel in the beauty of moments that unwittingly pass by.